The Superhero of Business

Wonder Woman said because no matter how small an act of kindness or generosity or simple positivity you put out into the world. It will make a difference.

You know, I’ve had a lot of people come to me and say Steve, how can I make my business go viral? How can I be looked at as a superhero providing whatever the service or product is that we have and they want to make that that leap immediately.

And I have found that some of the best ways to go viral the best way to get your your name out. There be positive is comes back to basically customer service. I’ll tell you a quick story about I had a chance to when one of my son’s graduated from high school, we took him and his friends and we went to a local restaurant and got that restaurant. It was a seafood type

restaurant and we we went we ordered we sat around we talked we had a great time pretty soon. We started to realize it been like 50 minutes and we hadn’t had our food yet. And so we’re starting to get just a hair up tight and all of a sudden I see somebody coming from the back room beeline for our table.

And it’s it. We find out it’s the manager. He’s coming towards us and he’s got some people behind him and he approaches and said I need to apologize to you guys. We we’ve had a problem.

Let me tell you what happened. And as he’s starting to apologize. The people behind him are waiters. They’re starting to put stuff on our table put food down our table.

He says your waiter took your order went to the back room. Threw it on the floor walked out the back door. We’d even realize he was gone for a little bit and then we didn’t realize that your order wasn’t in process.

So let me tell you how we’re going to fix it. First of all, we’ve brought you all of our appetizers. We want you to start on those and start trying this is everyone that we have we also are going to have two of these guys out here and make sure that no matter what your drinks are Stay full or anything else you want and then he pointed to my son said what

about you you want to shrimp cocktail? He said yeah, I’d be great. Okay, get him a shrimp cocktail. He said by the way folks tonight dinner’s on us. We apologize for this this mishap.

So they handled so well and they stuck with us and made it such a great experience that I told the world about it right? I went out and I shared on social media. It was 10 12 years ago, and I’m still talking about it obviously, so it made a big difference and I keep telling people about it. It was huge. But one thing I realized at the end was if everything had gone perfect.

If it had been smooth. I probably would not have remembered to talk about that restaurant. I had bragged about my son graduating, but I wouldn’t have talked about the restaurant so What I’m telling you is we all want to avoid problems. We don’t want things to happen. However, we’re human and when something happens if you have an extraordinary response to that then boom pow you’ve made a different right you’ve made something that stands out there and

This company they do everything right every single time. What they’ll do is they’ll tell you about a problem that was solved when they talk about great customer service. So what we tell people to do is to kind of premeditate what your response is going to be right?

Pre-plan put a budget behind it so that you know that that you know that if you’re not there you can Empower somebody else to to take care of it in the right way, right and and they know what they can do how much they can spend to make things right and then always follow up afterwards with that person and make sure that it was solved right did we take care of you did

we and that gives them the opportunity to to even shout out back to you and tell you how you did and how you felt about it. So to me I call it being a superhero in business. Am I good friend Superman here would probably agree that to really be that Superhero. You got to look ahead right plan ahead. What’s gonna be that response? What are we gonna do and then kapowee you

you’ve made a difference. So here’s my challenge to you go out and gather your team together and say okay where could there probably be a mishap work or there? Probably be a problem and wherever that is set your plan in place. How are we going to solve that if it is, what are we going to do? That’s Over and above they’ll make people remember that we solved it and that we met their problem and

then again put your budget behind it. And then what’s the follow-up with that I guarantee if you do this, you’ll be looked at as a hero and you’ll go viral without having to spend a lot of extra time and money because your customer service will be so great recently with the things that have happened with the virus and sickness and things we’ve seen Customer Service drop and fall and and come

apart. So many people are looking for great customer service still they want to feel that again. They want to feel that you care when they buy your service or product. Here’s your chance to stand out. This is another one of the top things you can do and again, that’s our point of view.