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Proven marketing solutions to grow your business.Wherever you are in your business life cycle, our experienced team can help you reach the next level.

Proven Unconventional Tactics

that Turbo-Charge Business Growth


r-Marketing-Departement-Services Marketing Department is a full-service marketing agency specializing in strategies that generate revenue for your business. We offer budget-sensitive individual services, and combined, custom plans based on your business’ needs. Wherever you are in your business life cycle, our experienced team.

Our award-winning Business Blitz Program is the fastest, most effective way to create a revenue-generating growth plan for your business. You’ll learn how to resonate more with your target customers, grow loyalty to your brand, and build revenue.

Hundreds of successful businesses transformed their current marketing efforts, one-by-one, with this creative group. Register for our next Business Blitz here and optimize your marketing dollars this year.

Proven Marketing Solutions

To Grow Your Business

Business Growth Blitz

Multiple businesses meet together for 10 weeks to learn quick and easy strategies to increase their bottom lines.

Product Launch Academy

Step-by-step instruction to help prepare your product(s) for retail or online distribution.

Public Relations Program

Is a strategic plan that builds upon proven practices helping businesses learn new techniques to increase success quickly.

Social Media Management

Result-oriented content creation for multiple social media platforms.


R Marketing Department’s Exclusive R Team Huddle is a resource for entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and small business owners who believe knowledge is power.


Is a strategic plan that builds upon proven practices helping businesses learn new techniques to increase success quickly.

Start Now and Learn at Your Own Pace

People will crave your product or service if communicated correctly. Strategies to get quick and profitable results. Guerrilla style marketing and PR.

  • Redefine your marketing to increase profitability online and offline
  • Learn proven marketing strategies from the Industry’s leaders
  • Grow your business with high-impact, low-cost marketing tools

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The best way to enjoy the benefits of influencers referring you is to become an influencer yourself. True influencers take JOY in lifting those around them and shouting out for those that do a great job. Many times we all talk about the advantages of WORD-OF-MOUTH marketing . . but we FAIL to have a WORD-OF-MOUTH  Plan.

There’s an EASY way to grow your brand. Together, we can build your PR PLAN that includes harnessing the power of influencers and opinion leaders as well as strategic communication that creates a Word-of-Mouth viral spread.

What Our Clients Saying

As a small business owner, I took the Blitz class from R Marketing since I am new to marketing and struggle to come up with ideas to grow my business. The staff at R Marketing are the most friendly people you will ever meet and you can see and feel the passion they have and desire to help you grow your business. They are not in it for the money, they are in it to see your success. I will be working with R Marketing forever!

Devin Ray

Owner, he Clutter Collectors
It has been a pleasure working with R Marketing Dept.! The knowledge that they have in marketing has helped my business grow so much. They got me a spot-on TV and that has really boosted my credibility publicly! I can confidently recommend R Marketing Dept. and Steve Reich is the real deal, the Guerilla Marketing expert in your corner!

Dr. Holly Meade

Paradigm Consultant Group
I highly recommend this style of marketing and these people are great. The classes were fantastic and full of great unique ideas. I personally really enjoyed the brainstorming green light sessions. It was an opportunity for everyone to focus on one business. There were great ideas I would have never came up with on my own. Super fun!

Joleen Cullens

Owner, The Healing Tree

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