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Marketing is large part of running a successful business. Often it is seen as a fringe expense though, somewhere to place excess money instead of the catalyst it is to build growth within your business. In our Business Growth Blitz 8 week course we teach you about marketing, how YOU can do your marketing, and GReenLight (an out of the box brainstorming session) your business for growth and sales now and in the future. We try and keep only one person per industry in the class. Make sure you are that person!   

SMS secrets revealed

Social Media Secrets Revealed

Do you struggle with social media? Know you ‘need to do it’ but you hate the idea of having to post every day, generate ideas, and learn these new programs? That is what we are here for. In our 6 week lab style class we will go over these programs, how to implement them and we will have you take your devices out, in class and do them with you. Teaching you the best ways to reach your audience organically and how to engage with them. Space is limited in classes so schedule now! 

rapid results marketing

Rapid Results

What would you do with a 20% increase in sales? This 5-week course provides quick, immediate results if you implement the practices. From Positioning and Targeting to Networking and Digital marketing, we help you get the best results and boost your sales. The class also includes a podcast appearance to build your credibility. Register today to increase your sales.  

Marketing classes in Utah

Let R Marketing Department take care of it.

Ready to take your company to new heights? Whether it’s a plan for long term growth, a new advertising campaign, or ongoing management of your company’s social media channels, R Marketing Department’s team of marketing experts are dedicated to the growth of your business. 

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