The Ring Carrier – Setting Goals

Come Mr. Frodo. Samwise said I can’t carry it for you, but I can carry you. What a great. film and a great story that is in that story Frodo has to be the number one. He has to be the ring carrier because of his role, but he doesn’t have to do it alone. The neat thing is is he’s got Samwise gamgee who will help me will be that number two will take care of details. We’ll give him support help lighten that load just a little bit and and helping along the way. I had the great opportunity in my life to be a number two. I was a vice president of associated food stores two and a half billion dollar food company for over 20 years.

During that time. I really got the opportunity to see what it was like to be a number two our CEO. Who was our number one. The president was a great great man. He accomplished a ton of things. He changed the industry.

He changed the direction of our company and and took us from being you know, number three or number four to be a number one and Through that he was very popular very well known, however.

But what I really found out was that was often reciprocated. Many people would would see what I was doing and start doing it for others as well as me they would talk about my company they talk about my accomplishment and they would lift other people around them. And I promise you this as soon as you start doing that as soon as you you get past your your own egocentric about worried about your own business as soon as you start sharing that and lifting other people all the sudden people see you who you are and they start doing that for you. They start lifting you they start bragging about you. They start talking about your company, they start sharing it and and your company grows.

Today we talk about raising children takes a village. I it’s my opinion that Marketing in today’s world the way we are the way we need influencers when we need people endorse. It takes a village to Market you and your business and this is a great opportunity. So here’s my challenge is Go out every single day and look for some other business or some other person that’s doing a great job that you can somehow shout out for them that you can brag for them that you can lift them and and share that in a place where other people can see or hear it. But I promise you as you do this, not only we feel great but you’ll see that come back and for me, that’s the number one way to market today. The number one thing that people believe is real people talking about real experiences. So if you can get out there and do that set your goals and do it every single day and I guarantee you that you’ll see that improve your business as you’re improving other people’s business and that’s marketing from our point of view.

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